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Halloween Discs

Have yourself a groovy Halloween.

From Dominique Pruitt

Check out my 13-song Halloween playlist here

A Thanksgiving tradition…

Dave Clark Five Ad

The folks at Buzzfeed were kind enough to browse through the back issues of Billboard magazine on the Google Books archive and put together a gallery of old print ads promoting the hottest new trend of the 1960s – the British Invasion. Thank goodness for the diligence of the skinny-necktied mad men who created these ads or the world may never have heard of such groups as The Who…

The Who Ad

… or the even more obscure “Beatles”…

Help! Ad

View the entire gallery at Buzzfeed

Popular music has always been associated with style, and most artists have a look that is as unique as their sound. For reference purposes, we present this handy guide to aid in the field identification of musicians spotted in the wild:

A Visual Compendium of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music

Notable Haircuts in Popular Music

(Click on image to view full size)

Found on Top Cultured

Like everything else in life, card tricks are infinitely more enjoyable when they come with their own soundtrack.


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