Rock Concert

It’s the weekend – go out and do something fun!

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Shot Graph

I’m pretty sure the sheriff shot the deputy.

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Sphinx Floyd

I don’t know about you, but I can’t get enough Sphinx Floyd.

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Missing Kansas

Be careful what you wish for, Toto. The last thing you need is rain on the scarecrow.

From Memebase

Visit the Kitten Covers tumblr to see what classic album covers look like
when given a touch of feline class. Here is a small sample:

Dylan Kitten
Rumours Kitten
Nevermind Kitten
Rio Kitten
Zeppelin Kitten
Devo Kitten

View the entire archive here. (Note: Many of the posts contain two covers, so there are quite a few good ones not visible in the thumbnails.)

You can find a collection of album covers that were classy enough to already have cats on them at

Beatle Juice

I’m just relieved they didn’t include any Eleanor Figby.

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Traveling Man

And if you’re headed to Marrakesh, just take the Express.

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