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Music news and links from around the web:


79 year-old woman awakens from a five-year coma, first words are "I want to go to a Bob Seger concert.” None less than Seger himself sees to it that she has the time of her life.


Super-limited editions. Unreleased tunes. Albums released on minidisc, eight-track, and wax cylinder. And… ice? 10 Music Recordings for the Insanely Determined


The Pompatus of Love, Huarache sandals, the warm smell of colitas… 11 Obscure References in Classic Songs Explained


For your showering enjoyment, Kohler introduces a shower head containing a built-in wireless speaker


Esquire presents a list of the 10 Craziest Drummers Ever


In this gallery, one guy presents pictures of his concert tees from the 1970s, along with little personal remembrances of each


Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? 10 Rock Concerts Which Resulted In Bloodshed


Articles on the current state of the music industry:

How Auto-Tune conquered pop music

How bands are now forced to play Survival of the Fittest

An inside look at how artists profit – or not – from streaming music services (“it would take 312,000 plays to equal the profit from one LP”)


Finally, at a Vanderbilt University appearance, Billy Joel is asked by a college student if they could play a song together. Joel accepts, and the results – well, see for yourself:


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